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Getting to know magical places, an adventure through Perú

Getting to know magical places, an adventure through Perú

After Leticia’s long journey through African countries, she and her sister Carla decided to tour Peru. Above all, Leticia felt the need to visit her country, to live experiences and anecdotes typical of her country. Therefore, Carla thought that the time had come to know her roots, to become familiar with the customs and traditions of her people.


As a result, the first stop was Arequipa. The route to the Colca Canyon impressed us. The landscapes and all the nature we saw was magical. Above all, the beauty of the alpaca was what surprised us the most. We wondered how this animal survives the low temperatures in the Sierra.

After that, Leticia considered investigating the properties of this beautiful animal. For example, she discovered that many years ago, alpaca fiber was used to make Inca clothing, considered “the fiber of the Gods.”


Finishing the tour in Arequipa, we decided to take the bus and go to Puno, the most important alpaca products region in the country. First, we visit Lake Titicaca, second the floating islands of the Uros, in addition to the islands of Taquile and Amantani.

During the course of the trip, we spoke to many people who told us about the value of Alpaca and education for them.

They are one of the few animals that can survive high altitud while generating good benefits for everyone. This information made them buy some clothes.

Before continuing with the trip, Leticia decided to buy an Alpaca garment from the Quilla Wasi brand because she wanted to feel the softness of this fiber on her skin.


Since Leticia and Carla wanted to get acquainted with the rituals and legends, they decided to visit the Peruvian jungle. A boat trip on the Amazon River filled them with joy.

The sunsets on the river were the most beautiful they had ever seen. In addition, the starlight and the firefly show plunged them into a state of deep tranquility and inner balance.

Leticia and Carla enjoyed the night with a perfect breeze and an shall alpaca that became the protagonist of their adventures.

The conclusion of the trip

Leticia is in love with her country, but above all with its impressive nature. Carla thinks that there is nothing better than experimental tourism. She says it is the perfect option to enjoy the hospitality and affection of people.

Rituals such as the Pachamama payment ceremony, the textile tradition, agricultural tasks or the fact of learning to dance an Andean rhythm, make this experience unique in life.

In conclusion, traveling to Peru is an enriching adventure and they want to share it with anyone who likes to learn about new cultures. Leticia is convinced that every time people go through Latin America they should definitely visit Peru.

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