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Meet Naty Muñoz

 Meet Naty Muñoz

1.-How many years have you been working with the communities of master craftsmen and what have you learned about the Peruvian textile tradition from them?

I have been working with communities throughout Peru for about 20 years or more. I have worked with more than 100 communities approximately. What I have learned the most is about the knowledge that they do not teach you in the academy or in school. I have learned about diversity, which is what I love the most, about wonderful, powerful and strong people. And unfortunately, I have also learned about the absence of the government in the communities

2.-What style of artistic textile expression do you like the most: the one from the coast, the mountains or the jungle? Why?

I like them all because each one has a particular way of being made. This is precisely what captivates me, what fascinates me, the ease and the identity which are enclosed in each textile depending on the area. Therefore, I like all three regions. I can’t choose just one.

3.-Traveling for years within Peru, meeting people of great caliber and with a millennial knowledge – that really means an intangible value. Tell us how they move their economy?

 In general, in many places that I have come to, the textile industry has been a secondary activity. I have seen everything, wives who are dedicated to their home and men that earn their livelihood. It is a very short term economy, unfortunately. I refer to what I have seen in communities that are quite far away. One even has to walk to be able to visit these communities.

4.-What do you consider sustainable fashion?

     I consider sustainable fashion the one that is responsible during the value chain, with the environment and that is capable of being maintained over time, which means that is has sustainability. I think this is where responsible fashion is located! When I refer to having respect for those who make the pieces possible, I am not just talking about the designers. In my case this means that I work with master artisans, giving value to them, not only financially, but also regarding the authorship of their knowledge, their designs and their textile expressions.

5.- Why do you like to work with alpaca fiber, especially applying knitted yarn?

I like to work with alpaca fiber because it is a very noble fiber with beautiful characteristics. This is because I learned to love it since I was little. When I started professionally in the textile sector it was the first fiber I had contact with, I think it is therefore why I love it. And why applying knitting? It is because I learned it from my mother. I learned it since I was a child, so I feel that I have loved it and that I express myself better through this knitting technique. However, I also feel that I can express myself weaving with the backstrap loom, which is a millennial fabric that has been maintained over time in all regions of the country. In any case it is easier for me to work in knitting, because as I said, I have loved it … ahahah!

6.- In Peruvian fashion, a movement of #craftmatters  # textilecommunitiesmatters  #liveeveryonematters should be promoted !! Everybody’s life matters!

  Yes, I completely  agree to the statements. We all matter in this value chain! It matters who makes fibers such as alpaca or cotton come true in our hands,  who turns this fiber into wonderful handmade threads. It matters who weaves, sews and embroiders these pieces. The designer matters. The environment matters. It matters that the government really commits itself – not just to some people, right? –  but to everyone, even more so because of the current situation which we are going through right now as there is a crisis in the sector of our Peruvian crafts. So, yes, we have to put all the love, all the effort and all the importance into the different processes of the value chain of the textile sector that its participants deserve.

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